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Neha Lee

neha lee

art director | graphic designer | illustrator

Neha is an award-winning Art Director, renowned for her curious nature and exceptional communicative abilities. Her process, marked by assertiveness and confidence, places her in a league of her own within the creative industry. With over a decade of experience, Neha excels in bringing a unique blend of creativity and a proactive “can-do” attitude to every project she undertakes. Her expertise spans a wide range of specialties, including branding, visual communication, digital design, signage, and print graphics.


Neha's distinguished career is highlighted by her work with a prominent list of clients, such as Doordash, 215 McCann, Capital One, Chase, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Little Caesars, and the California Academy of Science. Her approach is deeply rooted in a commitment to user experience, ensuring that each of her designs is not only smart and provocative but also highly conceptual. Beyond her professional endeavors, Neha is also a successful small business owner, creating art that universally resonates with women, encapsulating their diverse experiences and strengths.

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